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The Sailor, Beware! diary : Part Two by Angharad Ormond
Episode Two : January 15th

Most actors desire recognition for their talents; a BAFTA, Olivier Award or Rotten Tomato. The Sailor, Beware! Cast included ...

Firstly, congratulations to Michael Bettell for completing his level 1 diploma in The Art of Pipe Acting. He joins theatres great thespians on the wall of fame.

With help from wardrobe's Lynda Twidale, three of our ladies were nominated for Best Dressed - Jessica Hammett's Emma wowed judges with her creative use of padded underwear and Sue Brodie's Edie demonstrated an innovative use of colour impressing judges with the range of sickly-coloured tones combined in one outfit. But in the end it was Janet South's Mrs Lack who took the trophy. Mrs Lack's adventurous choice of headwear and crafty accessorising with dead animals just couldn't be beaten.

Finally, the cast show great promise for their much anticipated entry in the Tea Olympics and stand a great chance of taking home Gold for expertly executed "Synchronised Tea-Drinking".

My initiation into the Tower Theatre Company has gotten off to a great start. Two weeks into rehearsals for Sailor, Beware! and my skill set is being utilised to the max. Here's a guide for every potential Tower actor :
The New Members Guide to the Tower Theatre Part One by Angharad Ormond c1953
Episode One : December 22nd

Warm Up
Every rehearsal starts with a warm up and is an essential in every self-respecting actors toolbox. This starts with drinking tea - an established technique known to warm the vocal cords and calm the nerves.

This involves deciphering the stage directions by playwrights King and Cary to determine how you suddenly got from downstage of the sofa to standing up right of the table in a single breath. It is crucial to partake in such discussions which enable you to give "the impression she is fighting a losing battle against time, fat and other malignant forces" - a skill which takes time and commitment to pull off.

Physical Dexterity
Our skills are being tested to the max, juggling props, costumes, accents and lines. We’re all getting quite adept at holding a teacup in one hand, a tray in the other and the script in one or the other, all whilst dancing a hornpipe round the room.

This concludes part 1. Next for me is to read The Complete Book of Etiquette. Four weeks left to learn how to become a 1950's lady. This could be a challenge. I think I may need a cuppa to get me through it!