When Crummles Played

by Charles Dickens & Nigel Playfair


Tavistock Little Theatre
April 22 - 23, 1932

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Crummles and Company in George Barnwell or The London Merchant
A Tragedy by Lillo

Cast List

Vincent Crummles (Thorowgood) : Vincent Kearley
Nicholas Nickleby : J Hunter Harrington
Smike : C H Bennett
Mrs Vincent Crummles (Mrs Millwood) : Dorothy Fox
The Infant Phenomenon (Maria) : Janet Harvey
Folair (Executioner) : Mr Alderman
Lenville (Uncle Barnwell) : Frank Coxall
Snittle-Timberry (Blunt) : Mr Rutland
Miss Belvawney (Entertainment) : Mrs D'Ambra
Miss Snevellicci (Lucy) : Greta Dick
Mrs Grudden (The Crowd) : Marjorie Dormer
Master Crummles (George Barnwell) : William Avenell
Master P Crummles (Trueman) : Ronald Palmer

At the conclusion of the Murder, the Skipping Rope Hornpipe will be danced by The Terpsichorean Trio

Epilogue (by A P Herbert) spoken by Robert Mitchell & Dorothy Fox.
Production Team

Director : Robert Mitchell
Costumes : Beatrice Gooch
Orchestra : Emil Oesterley, Kathleen Oesterley, E Charles

Stage Manager : Henry York