The Insect Play

by Karel & Josef Capek
Translated by Paul Selver and adapted by Nigel Playfair and Clifford Bax


Tavistock Little Theatre
November 25 - 26, 1932

Cast List
The Tramp : William Avenell
The Lepidoterist : Henry York
Two Nymphalidae : Ivan Alderman, Janet Harvey

: Alec Clunes
Otto : Charles Reading
Victor : Donald Pearce
Clytie : Greta Dick
Iris : Enid Clarke

Chrysalis : Janet Harvey
Mr Beetle : Jack Newmark
Mrs Beetle : Marjorie Dormer
Strange Beetle : Oliver Gledhill
Ichneumon Fly : Alec Clunes
Larva : Vida Hope
Mr Cricket : Frank Coxall
Mrs Cricket : Dorothy Fox
Parasite : C Vincent Kearley
Chief Engineer Ant : Charles Reading
2nd Engineer Ant : Oliver Gledhill
Blind Ant : Greta Dick
Inventor : William J Rutland
Signal Officer : C Vincent Kearley
Journalist : Dorrie Sturgeon
Philanthropist : Rosa Goulding
Messenger : Richard O'Connor
2nd Messenger : Jack Newmark
Commander of the Yellows : Alec Clunes
1st Moth : Jack Wilson
2nd Moth : Ivan Alderman
1st Snail : Richard O'Connor
2nd Snail : Stanley Dean
Woodcutter : Frank Coxall
Woman : Jessie Asbury
Ants, Beetles, Schoolchildren etc.
Production Team

Producer : Robert Mitchell
Costumes made by Harry Bezodis from designs by Mervyn Peake
Scenery by Charles Reading
Dances arranged by Ivan Alderman
Trio : Emil Oesterley, Kathleen Oesterley, Eric Charles

Stage Manager : Henry York