Distant Point

by Alexander Afinogenov
translated by Hubert Griffith


Tavistock Little Theatre
March 22, 28, 29, 1947

Cast List

Koriushko, stationmaster : Rowland White
Gennadi, telegraph operator : Walter Kennedy
Zhenia, stationmaster's daughter : Mary Rainforth
Makarov, switchman : Arthur Shippey
Vlas, second linesman : Jack Shepherd
Sulin, the General's ADC : Ernest Smith
Lavrenti, linesman : John White
Lieut-General Matvei Malkvo,
Corps Commander in the Far Eastern Russian Army : Patrick Bacon
Vera, wife of the General : Margery Withers
Glasha, wife of Lavrenti : Prunella Prance
Liubov, stationmaster's wife : Dorothy Fox

Distant Point


Distant Point

Production Team

Director : Terence Morgan
Set Design : Terence Morgan

Stage Manager : Rayner Slade
ASMs : Ruth Kettlewell, Barbara Smoker, Denis Snowman
Electrician : Alan Michie
Wardrobe Mistress : Dorothy Whistler