Lady Precious Stream

by S I Hsiung


Tavistock Little Theatre
May 10,16,17, 1947

Cast List

His Excellency Wang Yun, the Prime Minister : Jack Shepherd
Madam Wang, his wife : Madeline Durrant
Her Maids : Eve Scarisbrick, Eileen Rice
Su, the Dragon General : Herbert Fraser
Wei, the Tiger General : Walter Kennedy
Golden Stream, Su's wife : June Burton
Silver Stream, Wei's wife : Eileen Noble
Precious Stream : Rosemary Noble
Her Maid : Peggy Brickell
Hsieh Ping-Kuei, the gardener : Arthur Adair
Suitors : Douglas Stainer, Harold Mellor, George Kennedy, Ernest Smith
Driver : George Kennedy
Her Royal Highness, the Princess of the Western Regions : Dorothy Fox
Her Maids : Eileen Rice, Eve Scarisbrick, Peggy Brickell, Barbara Smoker
Ma Ta : Douglas Stainer
Kiang Hai : Harold Mellor
Her ADCs
Warden : Herbert Fraser
Mu : Denis Snowman
Executioner : Denis Snowman
His Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs : Douglas Rookes
Property Men : John White, Cecile Bloomfield
Honourable Reader : Lionel Gregory

Lady Precious Stream


Lady Precious Stream

Production Team

Director : Margery Withers
Set Design : Francis Wentworth-Sheilds

Stage Manager : Marie Rayner Slade
ASM : William Bainbridge
Electrician : Ivan Garnham
Incidental Music (on the panatrope) : Jean Bueno de Mesquita
Properties made by Frank Berg & Denis Snowman
Costumes supervised by Dorothy Fox
Wardrobe Mistress : Dorothy Whistler