by Aristophanes


Christchurch Studio Theatre
June 12 - 20, 1948

Cast List

Lysistrata : Dorothy Fox
Calonice : Annette Panter
Myrrhine : Patience Sheffield
Lampito : Madeline Durrant
A Boeotian Lady : Marjorie Lomax
A Corinthian Lady : Jean Bueno de Mesquita
Draces : Denis Snowman
Strymodorus : Peter Harlow
Philurgus : B O'Reilly Nugent
Stratyllus : Rosemary Nockhold
Nicocdice : Evelyn Ward
Cratylla : Dorothy Whistler
The Magistrate : Jack Shepherd
Cinesias : John White
Son of Cinesias : James Flood
Spartan Herald : Hugh Barty-King
Spartan Ambassador : Lionel Gregory
Athenian Ambassador : Douglas Stainer

Peter Baker (piano)
Viva Heinitz (cello)
Douglas Jones (violin)
Rolf Alexander (recorder)




Production Team

Director : Terence Morgan
Set Design : Terence Morgan
Lighting Design : Kay Gardner
Music specially composed by Peter Baker

Stage Manager : Rayner Slade
ASM : Sybil Goodhand
Assistant Electricians : Anthony Church, Michael Carnaby
Wardrobe : Dorothy Edwards & members of the company