Androcles and the Lion

by George Bernard Shaw


Tavistock Little Theatre
May 7 - 14, 1949

Preceded by A Village Wooing, also by George Bernard Shaw

Cast List

The Lion : James Flood
Androcles : Arthur Brown
Megaera : Dorothy Fox
Lentulus : Wilfred Cook
Metellus : Denis Snowman
A Beggar : Ivor Martin
Centurion : John Bennett
Captain : Desmond Kendrick
Lavinia : Sheila Morgan
Spintho : Walter Kennedy
Ferrovius : Rowland White
Ox Driver : Edward Archibald
Call Boy : Peter Harlow
Secutor : Ivor Martin
Retiarius : Douglas Stainer
The Editor : Frederick Francis
Menagerie Keeper : Harold Mellor
Caesar : Hugh Barty-King
Christians, Soldiers, Gladiators, Slaves : M G Bell, J E Gardner, John Greves, Geoffrey Ridley, Douglas Rookes, Neil Seiler, Raymond Sendford. Rosemary Nockolds, Jane Possé, Violet Rutter, Barbara Smoker


Androcles and the Lion

Production Team

Director : Frank Smith
Set Design : Hilary Stewart

Stage Manager : Joan Hymans
ASM : Renée Goodstein
Electrician : Edward Archibald
Assistant Electrician : Peter Harlow
Wardrobe Mistress : Dorothy Fox
Masks & Lion's head : Violet Rutter
Set construction : Ronald Cunningham & members of the company