Volpone or The Fox

by Ben Jonson


Tavistock Little Theatre
November 12 - 19, 1949

Cast List

Volpone, a Magnifico : Stanley Hildebrandt
Mosca, his Parasite : Douglas Rookes
Nano : Peter Harlow
Castrone : Douglas Stainer
Androgyno : James Flood
Voltore, an Advocate : Rowland White
Corbaccio, an Old Gentleman : John Francis
Corvino, a Merchant : Ivor Martin
Bonario, son to Corbaccio : George Brown
Sir Politick Would-be, a Knight : Gerald Godley
Peregine, a Gentleman traveller : George Kennedy
Lady Would-be, Sir Politick's wife : Margaret Skea
Celia, Corvino's wife : Peggy Brickell
Waiting Woman : Barbara Smoker
First Magistrate : John Bennett
Second Magistrate : James Flood
Third Magistrate : Denis Snowman
Notary : Austin Baker
Guards & Citizens of Venice : Kenneth Hartford, John Bennett, Jean Linfoot, Stella Pigrome, Jean Russell, Rosemary Stone




Production Team

Director : Vincent Pearmain

Stage Manager : Rosemary Nockolds
ASM : Norman Fenner
Electrician : Michael Carnaby
Wardrobe supervised by Dorothy Fox with the assistance of Ruth Stainer
Scenery built by Frank Rogers