The Drunkard
or The Fallen Saved

A Moral Domestic Drama
by Mr W H Smith & "a Gentleman"


Christchurch Studio Theatre
January 2 - 7, 1951

Cast List

Edward Middleton : Mr (Peter) Hone
Lawyer Cribbs : Mr (John) White
William Dowson : Mr Coxon
Sam Evans : Mr (Denis) Snowman
Farmer Gates : Mr (Patrick) Bacon
Farmer Stevens : Mr (John) Blain
Old Johnson : Mr (Pat) Connor
First Loafer : Mr (Denis) Snowman
Second Loafer : Mr (Peter) Harlow
Mr Rencelaw : Mr (John) Bennett
Landlord : Mr (Pat) Connor
Boy : Master (James) Flood
Messenger : Mr (Robin) Wade
Watchman : Mr (Kenneth) Hartford
Mrs Wilson : Miss (Annette) Panter
Mary Wilson : Mrs (June) Ottaway
Miss Spindle : Mrs (Lucie) White
Patience : Miss (Pat) Welch
Julia : Miss (Valerie) Morrison
Agnes Dowton, a maniac : Miss (Vera) Davies
Lavender seller : Miss (Dorothy) Fox
Barmaid : Miss (Jean) Buena de Mesquita
Villagers & ladies & gentlemen of the town : Mesdames (Ursula) Heimann, (Jean) Linfoot, (Paula) Munday, (Fay) Foley, (Carol) Burke, Messrs (Richard) Baker, Fitzjohn

Duet at the end of Act II : Miss (Dorothy) Fox & Mr (Leon) Eagles

The Drunkard


The Drunkard

Production Team

Directors : Miss M(argery) Withers & Mr V(ivian) Milroy
Set Conceived by Mr Milroy and Designed by Mr (Gordon) Small

Stage Manager : Miss (Evelyn) van der Sluis
ASMs : Mr (James) Flood & Miss (Ursula) Heimann
Electrician : Mr Pugh
Wardrobe Mistress : Miss Margaret Sandry
Set construction : Messrs (Gordon) Small & (Jesse) Watkins & others