The Family Reunion

by T S Eliot


Christchurch Studio Theatre
February 6 - 11, 1951

Cast List

Amy, Dowager Lady Monchensey : Margery Withers

Ivy : Ellen Knight
Violet : Edith Burdett
Agatha : Bobbie Peacock
Her younger sisters

Col the Hon Gerald Piper : Donald Goffin
The Hon Charles Piper : John Francis
Brothers of her deceased husband

Mary, daughter of deceased cousin of Lady Monchensey : Mary Tyler
Denman, the parlour maid : Barbara Smoker
Harry, Lord Monchensey, Amy's eldest son : John Gordon
Downing, his servant & chauffeur : David Curd
Dr Warburton : Ivor Martin
Sgt Winchell : Pat Connor


The Family Reunion

Production Team

Director : Vincent Pearmain

Stage Manager : Renée Goodstein
ASMs : James Flood, Leonard Golding
Electricians : Ivan Garnham, John Vernon
Wardrobe : Erica Blume, Margaret Sandry
Properties : Norman Fenner