The Way of the World

by William Congreve


Rudolf Steiner Hall
October 31 & November 1, 1951

Cast List

Prologue : Michael Segal
Fainall, in love with Mrs Marwood : Peter Hone
Mirabell, in love with Mrs Millamant : Peter Albany
Betty : Ann Patterson
Servant : Fred Radley
Messenger : Susan Mindelsohn
Witwood, follower of Mrs Millamant : Michael Segal
Coachman : John Bennett
Petulant, follower of Mrs Millamant : George Kennedy
Mrs Fainall, daughter to Lady Wishfort & wife to Fainall, & likes Mirabell : Iris Blain
Mrs Marwood, friend to Fainall & likes Mirabell : Bobbie Peacock
Mrs Millamant, a fine lady, niece to Lady Wishfort & loves Mirabell : Jane Possé
Mincing, woman to Mrs Millamant : Valerie Morrison
Waitwell, servant to Mirabell : Rowland White
Foible, woman to Lady Wishfort : Alice Spaul
Lady Wishfort, enemy to Mirabell for having falsely pretended to love her : Dorothy Fox
Peg : Susan Mindelsohn
Sir Wilfull Witwood, half brother to Witwood & nephew to Lady Wishfort : Richard Young

The Way of the World


The Way of the World

Production Team

Director : Morris Fishman
Set Design : Gordon Small

Stage Manager : Martin Joseph
ASMs : Fred Radley, Ben Dyke, Michael O'Hare, John Grist, Jean Linfoot
Production Assistant : Sally Young
Electrician : Peter Harlow, assisted by Ron Francis
Wardrobe supervised by Mavis Taylor
Properties by Eileen Radley & Norman Fenner
Dances arranged by Helen Wingrave, assisted by Eileen Radley
Incidental music played by Eileen Fitch
Set painting : Gordon Small, assisted by Jane Preger