Riders to the Sea

by J M Synge


Christchurch Studio Theatre
February 29, March 1, 12 - 16, 19 - 23, 1952

On Feb 29th and March 1st 1952, this was presented together with Trivial Fond Record by Violet Rutter.
On the other dates, it was presented together with Antigone by Jean Anouilh.

Cast List

Nora : Mary McCarthy
Cathleen : Angela Rooks
Mauryaa : Margaret Hughes
Bartley : Tim Frost
1st Man : Michael O'Hare
2nd Man : Len Golding
Old Women : Jean Linfoot, Margot Heath, Dickie Panter, Marjorie Ashton
Young Women : Beryl Harwood, Rosemary Habgood


Riders to the Sea

Production Team

Director : Margery Withers

Stage Manager : Michael O'Hare