by Jean Anouilh,
translated by Lewis Galantiere
based on a tragedy of the same name by Sophocles


Christchurch Studio Theatre
March 12 - 23, 1952

One of two plays presented together, the other being Riders to the Sea by J M Synge.

Cast List

Chorus : Carl Wildman
Antigone : Alice Spaul
Nurse : Millicent Oldham
Ismene : Susan Mindelsohn
Haemon : John Gordon
Creon : Donald Goffin
Page : Brian Dawswell
1st Guard : Michael Segal
2nd Guard : Fred Radley
3rd Guard : John Bennett
Messenger : Jack McCreath
Eurydice : Hilda Chesterman




Production Team

Director : Carl Wildman
Set Design : Carl Wildman

Stage Manager : Rosemary Nockolds
ASMs : Vera Davies, George Kennedy, Rosemary Habgood
Electrician : Edward Archibald
Dresses designed Lucy Leaveaux and made by her and members of the company
Set construction : Members of the company