The Indifferent Shepherd

by Peter Ustinov


Christchurch Studio Theatre
May 14 - 25, 1952

Cast List

Nellie : Hilary Askew
Melanie Aspen : Margery Withers
Hugh Wigmore, her brother : Robin Wade
Henry Aspen, her husband : Arthur Brown
Grp-Captain Walter Cartwright-Godwall : Hugh Barty-King
Robert, his son : James Flood
Hilary Jordan, Melanie's niece : Jane Possé

The Indifferent Shepherd


The Indifferent Shepherd

Production Team

Director : Jack Francis
Set Design : Roger Ford

Electrician : Ron Francis, assisted by Ben Dyke
Wardrobe supervised by Rota Borris
Set construction : Roger Ford, Jesse Watkins, Norman Fenner, Fred Radley