The Lady's Not for Burning

by Christopher Fry


Christchurch Studio Theatre
June 18 - 29, 1952

Cast List

Thomas Mendip, a discharged soldier : Adrian Rendle
Richard, an orphaned clerk : Roger Ford
Alizon Eliot : Mary McCarthy
Nicholas Devize : Timothy Frost
Margaret Devize, mother of Nicholas : Ellen Knight
Humphrey Devize, brother of Nicholas : Donald Goffin
Hebble Tyson, the Mayor : George Kennedy
Jennet Jourdemayne : Jane Possé
The Chaplain : Don Kirkman
Edward Tappercoom, a Justice : Patrick Bacon
Matthew Skipps : Fred Radley

The Lady's Not for Burning


The Lady's Not for Burning

Production Team

Director : Vincent Pearmain
Set design : Norman Fenner

Stage Manager : Roger Ford
ASMs : Sally Young, Fred Radley, Susan Mindelsohn, Elizabeth Watson
Electrician : Jean Bueno de Mesquita
Set construction : Norman Fenner
Wardrobe supervised by Rita Borris, assisted by Angela Rooks & Beryl Harwood