Dick Whittington Junior and his Cat

Freely adapted by Archie Harradine from works by H J Byron (1862) and R Reece (1870)


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
January 9 - 15, 1954

Cast List

King Rat (a noisome nuisance) : Keelan Shaw
The Fairy Queen (who does good) : Dorothy Fox
Alderman Fitzwarren (a much older man than his wife) : Rowland F White
Mrs Fitzwarren (the Alderman's turtle-dove) : Kate White
Alice (their daughter, ye famous Belle of Bow, ready for a ring) : Mary McCarthy
Sir Highbury De Barne of Upper Street : Jack Gold
Dick Whittington, Jr (a poor but honest boy) : Denyse Macpherson
Thomas (his cat) : Jimmy Flood
P C Bullseye 1862X (a little airy spirit) : John Sharman
Susan Soppinpan (the Alderman's plain cook) : Elaine Dorward
A Mysterious Stranger (really - and this surprise is reserved)
Binnacle (a sea captain) : Douglas Smith
Princess Popsiwopsi : Margaret Birch
King Kollywobbol (her father, the 1,000th ruler of Morocco) : Peter Ariss

Fairy Queen : Dorothy Fox
Harlequin : Oliver Symons
Columbine : Yvonne Lewis
Clown : George Taylor
Pantaloon (Columbine's father) : John Sharman
Dandy : Jack Gold
Constable : Douglas Smith
Butcher's Boy : Shan Redhead
The Oyster Crossed in Love : Bobbie Peacock
Chorus of Apprentices, Cheapside Ladies & Gentlemen, Seamen, Rosie-Posies, Rats : Paddy Ariss, Hilary Askew, Roy Baker, Horace Dawswell, Jean Linfoot, Duncan McFarlane, Jean Bueno de Mesquita, Paula Munday, Jill Nicholson, Shan Redhead, Alan Smith, George Smith, Juliet Smith

Dick Whittington Junior and his Cat


Dick Whittington Junior and his Cat

Production Team

Director : Terence Morgan
Music selected and Harlequinade produced by Archie Harradine
Set designed and made by Norman Fenner

Stage Manager : Eric Cullingford
ASM : Jean Symons
Lighting : Ron Francis
Wardrobe : Angela Rooks, Harold Porter