Idyll in Ithaca

by Russell Sherwen


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
July 9 - 10, 1954

One of the four prize-winning entries in the Tavistock Repertory Company One-act Play Competition
(judges: Gladys Cooper, Alec Clunes, Norman Marshall),
the other three plays being Mute Witness, The Laboratory and Dinner under the Great Oak

Cast List

Odysseus, King of Ithaca : Geoffrey Wright
Penelope, his wife : Bobbie Peacock
Telemachus, their son : John Evenett
Menelaus, King of Argos : Donald Goffin
Helen of Troy, his wife : Teresa Tallyn

Production Team

Director : Frank Smith
Set Design : Norman Fenner
Costume Design : Jo Hall
Lighting : Graham Bond

General Stage Manager : Eric Cullingford
ASM : Paul Freeman