The Playboy of the Western World

by J M Synge


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 26 - 28 &
December 2 - 4, 1954

Cast List

Margaret Flaherty, called Pegeen Mike : Susan Mindelsohn
Shawn Keogh : Walter Kennedy
Jimmy Farrell : Michael O'Hare
Philly Cullen : Jack Francis
Michael James Flaherty : Donald Goffin
Christopher Mahon : Richard Beale
Widow Quin : Bobbie Peacock
Susan Brady : Mae Wallace
Nelly : Yvonne Mouett
Honor Blake : Rosemary Nockolds
Sara Tansey : Margaret Birch
Old Mahon : Oliver McGauley
Town Crier : Roy Baker
Villagers : John Bennett, Esther Frost, Oliver Symons

The Playboy of the Western World


The Playboy of the Western World

Production Team

Director : Margery Withers
Set Design : Don Kirkman
Lighting : Ronald Francis

Stage Manager : George Spaul
ASMs : Mary McCarthy, Eva Morrison, Alice Spaul
Wardrobe : Catherine Brooks
Set construction : Don Kirkman, Roy Baker, Anne Cushing, Timothy Frost
in the Tower Theatre Workshop