Man and Superman

by George Bernard Shaw


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
February 4 - 6 & 10 - 12, 1955

Cast List

Roebuck Ramsden : Victor Shaw
Maid : Beryl Harwood
Octavius Robinson : Donald Evans
Jack Tanner : Donald Goffin
Ann Whitefield : Jane Harker
Mrs Whitefield : Brenda Duncan
Miss Susan Ramsden : Millicent Oldham
Violet Robinson : Valerie Crofts
Henry Straker : Peter Ariss
Hector Malone Jnr : Larry Barnes
Hector Malone Snr : Patrick Bacon

Man and Superman


Man and Superman

Production Team

Director : Bernard Tower
Assistant Director : Rowland White
Set Design : Sylvia Ruff
Car by Eric Lauder
Lighting : Edward Archibald, John Fox

Stage Manager : Eric Lauder
ASMs : Beryl Harwood, Maureen Brice, John Coburn, Bill Crofts, Michael O'Hare
Wardrobe : Catherine Brooks
Properties : Beryl Harwood
Set construction : Ted Stannard with Iris Goodwin, Jack Bennett, Vic Symonds and Anne Cushing in the Tower Theatre Workshop