The Little Foxes

by Lillian Hellman


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 4 - 6 & 10 - 12, 1955

Cast List

Addie : Jean Bueno de Mesquita
Cal : Richard Oakley
Birdie Hubbard (Oscar's wife) : Molly Rubeck
Oscar Hubbard : Jack Francis
Leo Hubbard (Oscar's son) : Paul Jowell
Regina Giddens : Alice Spaul
William Marshall : Robin Wade
Benjamin Hubbard : Alan Stabell
Alexandra Giddens (Horace's daughter) : Jeanne Duval
Horace Giddens (Regina's husband) : George Spaul

The Little Foxes


The Little Foxes

Production Team

Director : Don Kirkman
Set Design : Norman Fenner
Lighting : Jean Bueno de Mesquita

Stage Manager : Margery Moyne
ASMs : Roy Baker, Philippa Hodgson, Mary McCarthy, Joan Smith
Lighting operators : John Fox, Irene Hill
Wardrobe : Rosemary Noble, Esther Frost
Set construction : Norman Fenner with Anne Cushing, Jimmy Flood, Bill Phillips and Vic Symonds in the Tower Theatre Workshop