The Face of Violence

by J Bronowski


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 18 - 20, 24 - 26 &
June 17 - 19, 1955

Cast List

Heavenly Twins : Denyse Macpherson, Timothy Frost
Mark : Richard Beale
Lily : Paula Munday
Postman : Howard Strick
Tiny : Jack Richman
Poker player : Arnold Fox
Wall-eye : George Kennedy
Creepy : Michael Young (March), Harry Fitzer (June)
Black boy : Eddie Wheeler (March), Paul Jowell (June)
Watchman : Wilmot Bennitt (March), John Gordon (June)
Policeman : Denis Richardson (March), George Spaull (June)
Circus barker : Howard Strick
Mabel : Vilma Hollingberry
George : Arnold Fox
Midget : George Kennedy
Strong man : Michael O'Hare
Trapeze Artist : Paula Munday
Beaky : Wilmot Bennitt (March), John Gordon (June)
Eggy : Michael Young (March), Harry Fitzer (June)
Snotty : Denis Richardson (March), George Spaull (June)
Juno : Rosemary Noble
Carolus : Patrick Bacon
Scot : Howard Strick
Cockney : George Kennedy
1st park orator : Arnold Fox
2nd park orator : Michael O'Hare
Crump : Fred Radley
Elsie : Vilma Hollingberry
Clarissa : Margaret Skea

The Face of Violence


The Face of Violence

Production Team

Director : Eva Holterman
with assistance in circus scene by Ursula Fincham
Set Design : Guy Sheppard
Theme music specially composed by Lola Gordon and arranged for electric guitar by Ivor Mair
Lighting : Graham Bond assisted by John Fox with Mary McCarthy & Eric Lauder (June)

Stage Manager : Susan Mindelsohn
ASMs : Anita Serlachius (March), Irene Carter (June), Bill Manley, Bill Phillips
Wardrobe : Esther Frost
Set construction : Edward Rosing assisted by Jack Bennett, Eric Lauder, Wendy Lee, Frank Stanton with Ian Jones & Anna Wellbourne (March) & Eric Lauder & Vic Symonds (June) in the Tower Theatre Workshop