The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus

by Christopher Marlowe
Comedy scenes adapted by Ian Kellie


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
April 6 - 14, 1956

Cast List

Chorus : George Spaul
Dr Faustus : Richard Beale
Wagner : John Bennett
Good Angel : Joan Smith
Evil Angel : Alice Spaul
Valdes : Larry Barnes
Cornelius : Francis Butler
Scholars : David Gowman, Colin Ley
Mephistophilis : Bill Phillips
Robin : Ian Kellie
Dick : Fred Radley
Devil-Wife : Joan Jones
Lucifer : Thomas Carter
Beelzebub : David Avery
Pride : Colin Ley
Covetousness : Denyse Macpherson
Wrath : Larry Barnes
Envy : Eddie Sutherland
Gluttony : Jack Richman
Sloth : David Cahill
Lechery : Jennifer Trustram
The Pope : Cyril Sherwood
Cardinal of Lorraine : David Gowman
Martino : David Gowman
Frederick : Larry Barnes
Benvolio : Colin Ley
Carolus, Emperor of Germany : David Avery
Alexander the Great : Cyril Sherwood
Oxyartes : David Cahill
Roxana, his daughter : Sheila Toff
A scholar : Francis Butler
An old man : Jack Richman
Helen of Troy : Maria Mazetti

Doctor Faustus


Doctor Faustus

Production Team

Director : Eva Holterman
Set Design : Guy Sheppard
Lighting : Jean Bueno de Mesquita
Dances arranged by Ursula Fincham
Music and sound effects devised and recorded by G & R Peterson, J Gordon, A Benckendorff, C & R Ham and G Sheppard
Masks by Paula Munday
Additional properties made by Larry Barnes and S E Boston

Stage Manager : Susan Mindelsohn
ASMs : Irene Carter, Paula Munday
Lighting operators : Jean Bueno de Mesquita, Terence Bicknell, Laureen Strassheim, Eric Turner
Set construction : The Tower Theatre Workshop under the direction of Thomas Carter