Misery Me!

A comedy of woe by Denis Cannan


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 10 - 18, 1957

Cast List

Adam : David Morgan
Romilda, a servant : Pauline Harris
Prosper, the landlord : Peter Bodger
Dr Vince, the village doctor : George Kennedy
Cornelia : Pat Jolliffe
Carlo Bombas : Martin Sterndale
Julius Ring : George Spaul

Misery Me!


Misery Me!

Production Team

Director : David Thompson
with assistance from Margery Withers
Set Design : Thomas Carter
Lighting : Terry Bicknell
Sound effects : Bill Manley

Stage Manager : Alexandra Trone
ASMs : Laureen Strassheim, Bobby Bernard, Joan Clothier
Wardrobe : Rose Kochane
Set construction in Tower Theatre Workshop