Saint's Day

by John Whiting


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
June 7 - 15, 1957

Cast List

Paul Southman, an aged poet : Denis Richardson
Stella Heberden, his grand-daughter : Myfanwy May
Charles Heberden, her husband : Stephen Webber
John Winter, the manservant : Peter Dawson
Robert Procathren, a poet : David Jones
Rev Giles Aldus, a recluse : Harold Bennett

Christian Melrose : Derek Strahan
Walter Killeen : Fred Radley
Henry Chater : Ralph Gruskin
Three soldiers

Women of the Village : Anne Carter, Irene Hill, Diana Lindle, Renée Raymond
A child : Anne Corby
Thomas Cowper, the postman : Fred Radley

Production Team

Director : Henry Burke
Set Design : Bruce Cleave
Lighting : Terry Bicknell, David Alexander

Stage Manager : Jolyon Booth
ASMs : Ron Finch, Patricia Sterner
Sound : Allen Paton
Wardrobe : Enid Munro