The White Devil

by John Webster


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 18 - 26, 1957

Cast List

Lodovico, an Italian Count, but decayed : Colin Ley
Gasparo, his friend, a dependant of the Duke of Florence : Michael Lee
Brachiano, otherwise Paulo Giordano Ursini, Duke of Brachiano, husband to Isabella : George Spaul
Camillo, husband to Vittoria : Stephen Webber
Vittoria Corombona, a Venetian lady, first married to Camillo, afterwards to Brachiano : Joan Clothier
Cornelia, mother to Vittoria, Flamineo & Marcello : Edith Burdett
Zanche, a Moor, servant to Vittoria : Anne Corby
Francisco de Medicis, Duke of Florence, disguised in Act 3 as a Moor named Mulinassar : Larry Barnes
Monticelso, a cardinal, afterwards Pope Paul IV : Peter Dunkley
Marcello, brother to Vittoria, attendant on Francisco de Medicis : Ralph Gruskin
Isabella, sister to Francisco de Medicis, wife to Brachiano : Bobbie Peacock
Giovanni, son to Brachiano by Isabella : John Levitt
Dr Julio : Fred Radley
A conjurer : Bobby Bernard
Aragon, a cardinal chancellor to Monticelso : Peter Hutchings
Lawyer : Harold Bennett
Ambassador of France : Brian Kibblewhite
Ambassador of England : Thomas Carter
Ambassador of Spain : David Edwards
Hortensio, an officer at Brachiano's court : Stephen Webber
Carol, a dependant of the Duke of Florence : Bobby Bernard
Matron of a house of Convertites : Joan Smith
Lady-in-Waiting on Cornelia : Pat Jolliffe
Farnese, secretary to Francisco de Medicis : Bill Manley
A young lord, at the court of Brachiano : David Edwards
Page to Brachiano : Derek Goodman
An armourer : Bill Manley
Two scullions : Harold Bennett, Irene Carter

Production Team

Director : Kay Gardner
Set Design : Thomas Carter
Lighting : George Baker assisted by Peter Baker
Incidental music written and played by Anthony Buckingham & John Nicole
Film sequences : Stanley Morcom

Stage Manager : Mary Witts
ASMs : Marion Russell, Corinne Birch, Wim Zuydam
Swords and rapiers lent and swordplay arranged by Larry Barnes
Wardrobe : Jo Hall, Dorothy Fox, Leslie Levene and members of the company
Set painted by Thomas Carter