Thieves' Carnival

by Jean Anouilh


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 1 - 9, 1957

Cast List

Lady Hurf : Bobbie Peacock
Lord Edgard, her cousin : George Kennedy

Eva : Myfanwy May
Juliette : Joanna Dunham
Her nieces
Peterbono :Adrian Rendle
Hector : John Stuart
Gustave : Dai Evans
Three thieves
The Dupont-Duforts, father & son : Will Stampe, Ron Finch
The Musician : Stephen Webber
The Towncrier : Victor Shaw
The Policemen : Peter Dawson, Raymond Harris
The Nursemaid : Pauline Lucks
Ladies in the Park : Eva Pearson, Laureen Strassheim, Gertrude Gold

Production Team

Director : David Thompson
Set Design : Frank Stanton
Lighting : Jean Bueno de Mesquita
Music by Brian Neal

Stage Manager : Alexandra Trone
ASMs : Eva Pearson, Laureen Strassheim, Gertrude Gold
Panatrope (sound operation) : Bill Manley
Wardrobe : Jo Hall, Leslie Levene and members of the company
Scenery painted & constructed by Frank Stanton and Derek Jones