The Jew of Malta

by Christopher Marlowe


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 4th - 12th, 1960

Cast List

Machiavel, as Prologue : Ron Finch
Barabas, a wealthy Jew : Donald Goffin
Abigail, his daughter : Ann Berry
Two Jews, merchants : David Crawley, Bobby Bernard
Ferneze, governor of Malta : Tom Tillery
Ludowick, his son : Ron Finch
Selim Calymath, son to the Grand Seignior of Turkey : Larry Barnes
Martin del Basco, vice-admiral of Spain : Anthony Goodman
Katharine, a widow : Rosemary Noble
Mathias, her son : Christopher Stephens

Jacomo : Donald Richmond
Barnardine : Edgar Davies
An Abbess of the Order of St Jacques : Allison Purcell
A Nun of the same Order : Jane Ogborn
Ithamore, a slave : Fred Radley
Bellamira, a courtesan : Myfanwy May
Pillia Borza, a bully, attendant on her : Bobby Bernard
Knights, Officers, Slaves, Janizaries & Bassoes of the Turk : Ann Berry, Allison Purcell, Charles Appleyard, David Crawley, Edgar Davies, John Dennis, Donald Richmond, James Sprot, Christopher Stephens

The Jew of Malta


The Jew of Malta

Production Team

Director : Henry Burke
Set Design : Brian Massey
Lighting Design : Terry Bicknell
Costumes : Arts Theatre, Cambridge
Fights arranged by Larry Barnes

Stage Manager : Euan Felton, assisted by Dorothy Stewart
Music : Hugh Campbell and Geoffrey Sweatman
Switchboard : Marilyn Gold and Vic Bettinelli
Property master : Gerald Sweatman
Wardrobe mistress : Jo Hall
Set construction : Jon Ogborn