The Enchanted

Adapted by Maurice Valency from Intermezzo, by Jean Giraudoux


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 6th - 14th, 1960

Cast List

The Mayor : Hyam Gilbert
The Doctor : Richard Oakley
Isabel : Ann Berry

The Little Girls
Gilberte : Sandra Hambleton
Daisy : Elizabeth Comber
Lucy : Margaret Nicholson
Viola : Sandra Bryant
Denise : Rosemary Tobin
Irene : Carol Lucy
Marie-Louise : Jill Rogers
The Inspector : Roger Jerome
The Supervisor : David Crawley
Armande Mangebois : Edith Burdett
Leonide Mangebois : Dorothy Fox
The Ghost : Arthur Adair
1st Executioner : Bill Manley
2nd Executioner : George Kennedy
Monsieur Adrian : Bill Manley
Papa Tellier : Trevor Williams

The Enchanted


The Enchanted

Production Team

Director : Frank Smith
Set Design : Donald Richmond
Songs specially composed by Hugh George

Stage Manager : Marilyn Gold
ASMs : Vic Bettinelli, John Dennis, Jackie Pearlman, Tessa Pudney
Panatrope (sound) : Derek Bennett
Lighting switchboard : Barbara Cross, George Smith
Wardrobe : Rosaleen Scott