Measure for Measure

by William Shakespeare


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
July 1st - 9th, 1960

Cast List

Vincentio, the Duke : Alan Bennion
Angelo, the Deputy : Bill Phillips
Escalus, an ancient lord : Jack Francis
Claudio, a young gentleman : Tom Tillery
Lucio, a fantastique : George Kennedy
1st Gentleman : Jim Chapman
2nd Gentleman : Ron Finch
Provost : Patrick Lockstone
Friar Thomas : Harold Bennett
Elbow, a simple constable : John Dennis
Froth, a foolish gentleman : Ron Finch
Pompey, the tapster : Peter Ariss
Abhorson, an executioner : Clyde Jones
Barnardine, a dissolute prisoner : David Jones
Isabella, sister to Claudio : Barbara Waddell
Mariana, betrothed to Angelo : Sue Mindelsohn
Juliet, beloved of Claudio : Marie Adams
Francisca, a nun : Gillian Wilson
Mistress Over-done, a bawd : Allison Purcell
A Justice / Varrius : Harold Bennett
Boys to Mariana : Eric Cox, Robert Williams, Alan Skinner
Bawds : Ann Monkhouse, Dorothy Stuart, Carol Harmon-Smith, Valerie Constantine
Townspeople, Soldiers & Prisoners : Hyam Gilbert, Glyn Edward, Alec Demetrio, Tony Goodman, Tony Kelly

Measure for Measure


Measure for Measure

Production Team

Director : Don Kirkman
Set Design : Michael Rose
Lighting Design : Michael Rose

Stage Manager : Tony Kelly
ASMs : Janet Chapman, Tony Goodman
Lighting switchboard : Tom Harmon-Smith
Panatrope (sound) : Bill Manley