The Bacchae

by Euripides
Translated and versified by David Thompson and Neil Curry


Pollock Memorial Hall, Edinburgh
August 29th - September 3rd, 1960

Also presented at the Tower Theatre, Canonbury on October 6th - 15th, 1960 (twice nightly)

Cast List

Dionysus : Bill Phillips
Teiresias : John Stuart
Cadmus : Adrian Rendle
Pentheus : Richard Beale
A Herdsman : David Morgan
A Messenger : Alan Bennion
Agave : Alice Spaul
Captain of the Guard : Tom Tillery
Guard : Tony Goodman
Followers of Dionysus : Joyce Callow, Sheila Franglen, Betty George, Patricia Jolliffe, Susan Mindelsohn, Gillian Wilson, Margaret Skea, Alexandra Trone, Rosemary Noble, Dorothy Stuart

The Bacchae


The Bacchae

Production Team

Director : David Thompson
Costume Design : Jo Hall
Set Design : Michael Rose
Lighting Design : Michael Rose
Drumming : Hyam and Jeremy Gilbert
Properties : Norman Fenner

Stage Manager : Susan Mindelsohn
ASMs : Marilyn Gold, Jean Sutherland
Lighting and sound : Hugh George assisted by Marilyn Gold
Wardrobe : Rosemary Noble