The Drums of Father Ned

by Sean O'Casey


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 21st - 29th, 1965

*** First London production ***

Cast List

Characters in the Pre-Rumble
Officer of the Black & Tans : Harold Mellor
Black & Tans : Peter Brooks, John Hope, Colin Ley, John Sweeting
Binnington : Peter Dawson
McGilligan : Frank Corkery

Characters in the Play
Alderman Aloysius Binnington, Mayor of Doonavale : Peter Dawson
Elena Binnington, his wife : Sosaleen Scott
Michael Binnington, their son : Terence Marlow
Councillor McGilligan, deputy Mayor : Frank Corkery
Meeda McGilligan, his wife : Bobbie Peacock
Nora McGilligan, their daughter : Josephine Hart
Bernadette Shillayley, maid to the Binningtons on three days a week, to the McGilligans on the other three days : Denyse Macpherson
Tom Killsallighan, foreman of works for McGilligan : John Sweeting
Oscar McGunty : Jack Bennett
Man of the Musket : Colin Ley
Man of the Pike : John Hope
Rev D Fillifogue, parish priest of Doonavale : Don Goffin
Alec Skerighan, an Ulsterman from Portadown : Edgar Davies
Mr Murray, organist for the church of Our Lady Help of Christians : Hyam Gilbert
Villagers : Estelle Collins, Peter Brooks, Diane Samuels, Finitsa Theodera, Sheila McCarthy, Monica Diggan, Peter Davis

The Drums of Father Ned


The Drums of Father Ned

Production Team

Director : Walter Kennedy Set Design : Myrtle Batchelor Lighting Design : Tony Batchelor

Stage Manager : Marilyn Gold ASMs : Robin Cave, Felicity Matheson, Margery Moyne, Shelagh Christmas, Shirley Cramb