The Arbitration

by Menander
Translated by Gilbert Murray


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
July 2nd - 10th, 1965

Cast List

Carion, a cook : Jack Richman
Onesimus, personal servant to Charisius : Don Goffin
Sophrone, nurse to Pamphile : Pauline Harris
Simias, older friend to Chaerestratus : Ian Wise
Chaerestratus, neighbour to Charisius : Terence Marlow
Charisius, a young Athenian : Michael Haines
Habrotonon, a harp player : Denyse Macpherson
Duenna, in charge of Habrotonon : Myrtle Batchelor
Calliston, an Arcadian nymph : Estelle Colllins
Smicrines, father to Pamphile : Harold Mellor
Davus, a shepherd : Hyam Gilbert
Syriscus, a charcoal burner : Crichton Bridges
His wife : Myrtle Batchelor
Pamphile, wife to Charisius : Elizabeth Pestell
Revellers : Peter Dawson, Larry Baines, Fred Fiorentini, Peter Davis, Peter Plumb, Tony Reader

The Arbitration


The Arbitration

Production Team

Director : Colin Ley
Settings by the company
Lighting Design : Tony Batchelor
Costumes : Jo Hall

Stage Manager : Tony Reader
ASMs : Shelagh Christmas, Shirley Cramb, Marjorie Moyne
Sound : Bobby Bernard
Wardrobe : Mary Goffin, Marjorie Hogg, Vicky Johnson, Bobby Peacock, Myrtle Batchelor
Set construction : Larry Baines, Peter Davis