The Duchess of Malfi

by John Webster


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 19th - December 4th, 1965

Cast List

Ferdinand, Duke of Calabria : Keith Hewett
The Cardinal, his brother : Richard Shuttleworth
Antonio Bologna, steward of the household to the Duchess : Tom Tillery
Delio, his friend : Alan Whiteside
Daniel de Bosola, Gentleman of the Horse to the Duchess : Gerald Groffman
Castruchio : John Bennett
Marquiss of Pescara : Wilmot Bennitt
Count Malateste : Tony Goodman

Silvio : Colin Ley
Roderigo : John Allen
Grisolan : Terence Nolan-Woods
Gentlemen attending on the Duchess

Doctor : Bobby Bernard
Officers of the Court, servants and executioners : Malcolm Vaughan, Robert Ragna
The Duchess of Malfi, sister of Ferdinand and the Cardinal : Josephine Beattie
Cariola, her woman : Eileen de Gannes
Julia, Castruchio's wife and the Cardinal's mistress : Louise Black
Old Lady : Brenda Duncan
Children : Peter Ley, Phillip Ley

The Duchess of Malfi


The Duchess of Malfi

Production Team

Director : Brian Tapply
Set and Costume Design : David Spode
Lighting Design : Tony Batchelor

Stage Manager : Peter Hebbes
DSM : Joanna Morvan
ASMs : Suzanne Doggett, Katy Pitcher, Dolly Wraight, Penny Dyer
Costumes made in wardrobe by Vicky Skilton, Jo Hall, Marie Hill, Dolly Wraight, Mary Goffin, Charlotte Brown