by William Shakespeare


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
February 14th - March 1st, 1969

Cast List

Othello, a noble Moor in the service of the Venetian state : Edward Nelson
Brabantio, a senator of Venice : Ron Brooker
Cassio, Othello's lieutenant : Sebastian Graham-Jones
Iago, Othello's ancient : Nick Lynch
Roderigo, a Venetian gentleman : Leon Tanner
The Duke of Venice : Phillip Fasham
Senators : Patrick Lee, Malachi Lawless
Lodovico, kinsman of Brabantio : Eric Griffin
Montano, Governor of Cyprus : James Reilly
Gratiano, brother of Brabantio : Ron Brooker
Desdemona, wife of Othello and daughter of Brabantio : Ginni Barlow
Emilia, wife of Iago : Carol Matthews
Bianca, a courtesan : Lynn Jones
Cypriot Gentlemen : Alfred Molina, Peter Williams
Soldiers : Francis Dillon, Malachi Lawless, John Belli




Production Team

Director : Martyn Corbett
Set Design : Bill Dudley
Lighting Design : Marilyn Gold and Bill Dudley

Stage Manager : Georgina Willerton
DSM : Terry Murphy
ASMs : Terry Ridings, Jeremy Webber, Jennifer Pugh
Sound : Brian McLoone
Switchboard : Rod Dungate
Wardrobe : Marjorie Hogg
Set construction and properties : Bill Dudley, Sue Plummer, Margaret Pickering, Terry Ridings, Terry Murphy, Cliff Giles and members of the company