Crown Matrimonial

by Royce Ryton


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 2nd - 10th, 1979

Cast List

Mabel, Countess of Airlie, lady-in-waiting to the Queen : Noreen Phillips
Queen Mary : Penny Kirkman
The Hon Margaret Wyndham, lady-in-waiting to the Queen : Sue Gardner
Page (John) : Peter Barrow
King Edward VIII (David) : Jack Wood
The Princess Royal (Mary) : Valerie Whitehouse
The Duchess of Gloucester (Alice) : Fiona Boyle
Walter Monckton, KC : Ralph Shafran
The Duke of York (Bertie) : David Phillips
The Duchess of York (Elizabeth) : Lesley Bilton
Maid : Maggi Turfrey

Crown Matrimonial


Crown Matrimonial

Production Team

Director : John Field
Set Design : Noel Howard
Lighting Design : David Holyoake
Costume Consultant : Frederick Brazier

Stage Manager : Beryl Homer
ASMs : Betty Somers, Irene Cole
Sound and Lighting operator : David Holyoake
Wardrobe : Marjorie Hogg
Set construction : Alan Williams, John Brooking, David Cannell, Ralph Shafran, Ron Brooker, Claire Rice, Jim Spall, Amanda Johnston, Cliff Smith, Irene Cole, John Pople, Pat Bennett, Keith Dixon, Beryl Homer, Phil Dustin, Laurence Tuerk