Lock Up Your Daughters  
Lock Up Your Daughters

adapted by Bernard Miles from Henry Fielding's Rape upon Rape

Directed by Pat Grosse and Guy Saunders

March 23rd - April 1st, 2006

The Tower Theatre performing at the Bridewell Theatre

Photography by Liam Muir
Staff, a constable : Colin Dent
Mr. Squeezum, a corrupt justice : Frank Crocker
Quill, Squeezum's clerk : Chris Peregrine
Mrs. Squeezum : Eileen Marner
Sotmore : Brice Pitt
Captain Ramble : Daniel Watson
Brazencourt, an innkeeper : Chris Peregrine
Politic, a coffee-house politician : Tom Tillery
Hilaret, Politic's daughter : Pam O'Brien
Cloris, her maid : Miriam Smith
Dabble, Politic's friend : Henry Chester
Faithful, Politic's servant : Christopher Yates
Worthy, an honest justice : Harriet Watson
Captain Constant, a military gallant : Guy Hescott

The Band
Jonathan Norris (piano/keyboard)
Emma Brown or Sue Fitzgerald (flute)
Paddy Clements or Louise Strong (French horn)
Howard Hutt (trumpet)
Peta Barker (percussion)
Janice Barry-Williams (double bass)
Production Team
Directors : Guy Saunders and Pat Grosse
Musical Director : Jonathan Norris
Choreographer : Anna Twilley
Assistant Choreographer : Helen Dudley
Lighting Design : Robin Snowdon
Costume Design : Elaine Prenzlau
Sound Designer : Stephen Ley

Stage Management : Graham Molloy, Bernice Molloy, Claire Rice, Cathy Thomas
Wig Assistant : Karen Killaspy
Prompt : Jill Batty
Wardrobe : Jackie Robinson, Blossom Huggins, Meryl Griffiths, Sheila Burbidge
Lighting operators : Chris Holmes, Nathalie Lake, Robin Snowdon
Set construction : Keith Syrett, Laurence Tuerk, David Taylor, Stephen Ley, Richard Pedersen, Andy Hind and members of the cast & crew