Paradise - a Rock 'n' Roll Fable  
Paradise - a Rock 'n' Roll Fable

Devised and written by Phillip Ley
Music and lyrics by Peter Ley

Arrangements and additional material by Colin Guthrie

Directed by David Taylor

July 27th - 30th and August 1st - 5th, 2006

The Tower Theatre performing at the Bridewell Theatre

Photography by Gemma Mount
Tony Santini : Dominic Ward
Bobby Santini, his younger brother : Ed Littlewood
Maria, Tony's girlfriend : Shannon Mackowski
Josie Walker : Pam O'Brien
The Marionettes
: Helen Dudley
Barbara : Faye Poskitt
Beverly : Alexandra White
Wanda : Kate Banham
Joanie : Helen Guthrie
Dee Dee, Leader of The Bishops : Alexander Buckley
Alvin : Guy Hescott
Marky : Paul Morrell
Joey : Simon Johnson
CJ : Simon Howe
The Pasta Brothers
Alfredo : Bob Bradick
Angellino : Peta Barker
Luigi : Alexander Buckley
Mrs Kramer, principal at William Harrison High School : Alison Liney
Al, owner of the Ice Cream Parlor : Bob Bradick
Mr Butcher, owner of Butcher's Body Shop : Guy Hescott
Mechanics : Guy Hescott, Simon Howe, Simon Johnson, Paul Morrell
Nurse : Kate Banham
Messenger : Alex Widdup
Buddy : Peter Ley
Band (The Stingrays)
Colin Guthrie (Keyboards)
Peter Ley (Guitar)
Phil Ley (Bass)
Paul Sanders (Sax)
Arthur Garrison (Drums)
Peta Barker (Percussion)

Production Team
Director : David Taylor
Musical Director : Colin Guthrie
Choreographers : Helen Jeckells and Janet South
Set Design : Dorothy Wright
Lighting Design : Alan Wilkinson
Sound Design : Stephen Ley
Costume Design & Wardrobe : Sharon Bourke, Sophie Cabot, Luisa Compobassi, Lesette Ormond-King & Megan Pallett from Wimbledon School of Art
Costume Design Co-ordinator : Meryl Griffiths
Hair : Karen Killaspy
Production Manager : Sarah Ambrose

Stage Manager : Laurence Tuerk
DSM : Margaret Ley
ASMs : Penny Tuerk, Andy Hind, Alexandra Ley
Lighting operator : Jacky Devitt
Sound operators : Stephen Ley, Bernadette Burke
Poster design : John Rimmer
Set construction : John Morton, Barbara Mathews, Celia Reynolds, Zizi Sulkin, Keith Syrett, cast & crew