The Playboy of the Western World  
The Playboy of the Western World

by Michael Frayn

Directed by Chris Holmes

October 31st - November 4th, 2006

The Tower Theatre performing at the Bridewell Theatre

Photography by Gemma Mount
Margaret Flaherty (called Pegeen Mike) : Kara McLean
Shawn Keogh, a young farmer, her cousin : Frank Moore
Michael James Flaherty, a publican, Pegeen Mike's father : Robin Dunn

Philly Cullen : Alexander Gordon Wood
Jimmy Farrell : Philip O'Gorman
Small farmers
Christopher Mahon (Christy) : Chris Paddon
Widow Quin : Julie Arrowsmith
Susan Brady : Rachel Phipps
Sara Tansey : Sophie Gatacre
Honor Blake : Louise Smith
Old Mahon : Michael Greener
Town Crier : Martin Brady
Village Men : Mark Atkinson, Alexander Buckley, Eddie Coleman
Village Women : Joyce Terry, Jancis Devetta
Village Children : Sofirose Danser, Amber Devetta
Production Team
Director : Chris Holmes
Set Design : Wendy Parry
Costume Design : Jessica Caddis
Lighting and Sound Design : Laurence Tuerk

Stage Manager : Lorraine Terry
DSM : Martin Brady
ASMs : Eddie Coleman, Denyse Macpherson
Lighting and Sound operators : Richard Pedersen, Laurence Tuerk
Wardrobe : Jessica Caddis, assisted by Celia Reynolds and Meryl Griffiths
Hair : Karen Killaspy
Set construction : Wendy Parry, Alan McKenzie, Keith Hill, Chris Holmes, Keith Syrett, Chris Holmes and members of the cast & crew
Rehearsal Prompt : Claire Rice
Publicity Co-ordinator : Roanne Insley