More Grimm Tales  
More Grimm Tales

Dramatised by Tim Supple

Directed by Allan Stronach

December 14th - 16th and 18th - 20th, 2006

The Tower Theatre performing at the Bridewell Theatre

Photography by Liam Muir
Little Red Cap
Little Red Cap : Diane Carr
Grandmother : Miriam Smith
Mother : Haidee Cameron
Wolf : Chris Paddon
Huntsman : Ian Chaplain

Clever Hans
Hans : Martin Buttery
Mother : Diane Carr
Gretel : Miriam Smith

Two Households
Walpe Woman 1 : Miriam Smith
Walpe Woman 2 : Diane Carr

Brother Scamp
Scamp : Richard Gittins
St. Peter : Chris Paddon
Wife : Diane Carr
Husband : Martin Buttery
King/8th Devil : Ian Chaplain
Inn Keeper/Hermit : Haidee Cameron
Nobleman : Miriam Smith

The Hare and The Hedgehog
Narrator : Chris Paddon
Hedgehog : Martin Buttery
Mrs. Hedgehog : Haidee Cameron
Hare : Richard Gittins

Musicians of Bremen
Man : Miriam Smith
Donkey : Ian Chaplain
Dog : Haidee Cameron
Cat : Martin Buttery
Cock : Diane Carr
Chief Robber : Richard Gittins
Second Robber : Chris Paddon

Ungrateful Son
Ian Chaplain
Diane Carr

Miller : Miriam Smith
King : Ian Chaplain
Daughter : Richard Gittins
Rumpelstiltskin : Martin Buttery
Queen : Chris Paddon

Snow White
Narrator : Richard Gittins
Mother : Haidee Cameron
Evil Queen/Three dwarves : Diane Carr
Snow White : Miriam Smith
Huntsman : Ian Chaplain
Four Dwarves : Martin Buttery
Prince : Chris Paddon
Production Team
Director : Allan Stronach
Set Design : The Company
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Sound Design : Phillip Ley
Costume Design : Diane Carr

Stage Manager : Lesley Scarth
Assistant Stage Manager : Colette Dockery
Lighting Operator : Jayne Lawrence
Sound Operator : Alan Boyle
Set Construction : Keith Syrett and members of the Company